Engineering Design
and Development

Greinon develops intelligent engineering solutions for resources optimization and cleaner environment.

Our expertise comprises communication and low power wireless systems, data network design and implementation, customized software and hardware development.

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Smart City Solution

Greinon Engineering AB develops communication devices for LED lighting and smart city systems, including hardware and software. We make it possible for city lighting and other infrastructure elements to adapt their working regime according to the particular needs here and now. With our smart system the city elements, such as street lights, bus stops, traffic lights and so on are able to communicate with each other and exchange information. This allows the city manager to track activities in real-time, adjust various parameters, collect statistical information, and much more. We ensure tremendous energy savings, decrease maintenance costs, assist city management operations, and simply - turn the conventional infrastructure into smart city objects.



     Energy saving           Lower maintenance costs          Decreased environmental impact                 Increased road safety



    Organization number: 556906-9510

    VAT number: SE556906951001

    Bankgiro: 113-4899

    Location: Greinon Engineering AB,   Ideon Science Park Scheelev├Ągen 15, SE-223 63 Lund Sweden

    E-mail: info@greinon.se

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